Fort Gibson United Methodist Church
Monday, August 03, 2020
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ




        Matthew 28:19-20 Go ye therefore to all nations, baptizing and teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded and lo, I am with you always.
       "We should realize then that the most important thing is to understand that each Christian and each Church has a mandate from Christ to share the Gospel with the whole word".
       "The first things to teach somebody you win to Christ is how to win somebody else to Christ".
       "The first thing you leave off when you get away from God is not the Sunday School, it is not Sunday evening service. The first thing is visitation, calling and witnessing. Don't get cold feet, warm the services up by winning souls".
       "Get in the habit of asking 'Are you a Christian?" I don't care who you are or where you are; it is never to easy. But if you get in the habit of asking, you will win as many accidentally as you do on purpose, and have the most wonderful experiences".
        "If we will just take time to witness. Are we ashamed of Jesus"?
       Go Believing. Expect it to work. Isn't that what faith is? Believe that God is going to save somebody through you.
        According to a poll conducted by a church directory service, people originally chose their place of worship for various reason:
        1. 9 percent chose a particular congregation because of the architectural beauty of the building.
        2. 3 percent made their choice because the minister came to visit them.
        3. 18 percent chose on the basic of their prior denominational ties.
        4. 56  percent were influenced to attend because they knew and respected certain members or were invited by a friend or neighbor.
       If you wait until you know everything about the Bible or wait until you can win many souls at one time, you may go through life and never win a single soul. Let's be about our Father's business. Evangelize and enjoy our church.
Evangelism Committee